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Welcome to the JCP (Jim Crockett Promotions) show listing information website.

Below are some important dates and information in regards to this site:

(Date & Times: All event dates and times stated on this site are based on Eastern Time (ET))

1st January 1985: I needed a base to start and with JCP flourishing and starting their own regular television and Jim Crockett, Jr. starting his 2nd NWA Presidency, this seemed the right date to start.
30th March 1985: JCP takes over "Championship Wrestling from Georgia", shortening the name 2 weeks later to "Championship Wrestling".
6th April 1985: Jim Crockett Promotions airs the debut show of "World Championship Wrestling" and the following night "Best of Championship Wrestling".
7th June 1986: "Pro Wrestling" debuts replacing "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling".
31st August 1986: "World Championship Wrestling - Sunday Edition" debuts replacing "Best of World Championship Wrestling".
29th November 1986: "Best of Championship Wrestling" returns replacing "Championship Wrestling".
7th February 1987: "Pro Wrestling Super Bouts" debuts exclusively to Charlotte, NC.
9th April 1987: Jim Crockett Promotions buys Bill Watts' "Universal Wrestling Federation" with the first televised tapings under JCP airing on 2nd May 1987.
2nd May 1987: "World Championship Super Bouts" debuts replacing "Best of Championship Wrestling". Previously thought to be 9th May 1987.
3rd April 1988: "Main Event" debuts replacing "World Championship Wrestling - Sunday Edition".
2nd November 1988: Ted Turner buys Jim Crockett Promotions, taking control over the promotion. You may find more information from this date onwards at

Notes: There are strong possibilities that the December '87 Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) & Power Pro Wrestling (PPW) shows are Pro Wrestling (Pro) and World Wide Wrestling (WWW) shows with different commentary mixed with some exclusive footage, but until actual shows are discovered I will count the WWW & Pro shows as missing and the UWF & PPW as originals and not recaps.

If you can help find any of the unknown themes that would be very much appreciated and I will try and reward for any assistance. The same goes with helping with any of the shows that I am missing in order to make this site complete.

I have added music samples and information for each theme and recordings for the unfound tracks. To preview the information you simply have to be a member. To become a member all you need to find at least 1 JCP theme that is previously not found, if you already have please do contact me -

1988-10-31 - Clash of the Champions III Added 29th Nov, '22
1988-09-10 - The Great American Bash: The Price For Freedom Added 28th Nov, '22
1988-08-01 - Miami Mayhem: Clash of the Champions Added 28th Nov, '22
1988-05-18 - Clash of the Champions Added 28th Nov, '22
1988-10-17 - The Best of Starrcade 1983-1987 Added 28th Nov, '22
1988-02-12 - Starrcade '87: Chi-Town Heat Added 28th Nov, '22
1987-01-19 - Starrcade '86: The Sky-Walkers Added 28th Nov, '22
1986-01-22 - Starrcade '85: The Gathering Added 28th Nov, '22
1986-07-26 - World Wide Wrestling Added 14th Sep, '21
1986-07-19 - World Wide Wrestling Added 9th Sep, '21
1987-02-28 - World Wide Wrestling Added 2nd Jun, '21
1987-01-03 - Best Of Championship Wrestling Added 21st Apr, '21
1986-12-27 - World Wide Wrestling Added 21st Apr, '21
1986-11-08 - World Wide Wrestling Added 21st Apr, '21
1986-09-06 - Championship Wrestling Added 28th Jan, '21
1986-09-27 - World Wide Wrestling Added 27th Jan, '21
1986-09-20 - Championship Wrestling Added 27th Jan, '21
1985-12-21 - World Championship Wrestling Added 6th Nov, '20
1986-08-23 - World Championship Wrestling Added 1st Nov, '20
1986-03-29 - World Championship Wrestling Added 29th Oct, '20